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Hi everyone. My friend Leigh and I are now collaborating together to produce weekly podcasts to discuss social and personal issues that impact our everyday lives.

Leigh draws from his experiences in travelling, working, teaching, and spiritual cultivation to share knowledge and insight on how to be the best versions of ourselves. Leigh is an aspiring science teacher from Canada who has a strong passion for personal growth, creating value for others, and impacting society in a positive and meaningful way.

I also draw from my experiences as an ex Buddhist monk, an English teacher, and a Yoga practitioner to share the messages of kindness, happiness, and mindfulness. It is my dream to bring as much positive change into the world as I can, by directly addressing pain and suffering at its roots, and showing how we can all realize profound states of love and joy by making adjustments to our habits and perceptions.

be kind be happy podcast

Through our podcast, we hope to provide as much food for thought for our listeners and create engaging content that is motivated towards personal growth as well as spiritual development for us all. We welcome all comments and questions regarding our podcasts and will endeavor to address them during following episodes.

Please let us know what you think, like and share our new releases with your friends, and help support our podcast project. Thank you so much!

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BKBH Sacred Buddhist Texts 3 – The Sutra Teaching the Four Factors | Overcoming Bad Karma Be Kind Be Happy Podcast

In this course, we read and analyze the short Buddha text, The Sutra Teaching the Four Factors while explaining the underlying meanings and context surrounding the teaching.This is a very important Buddhist text for sincere practitioners because it explains the right way to practice. The teaching of Right Effort is especially important to our study of Buddhism because it highlights how we should address our negative habits and increase our wholesome qualities. As a result, we can find peace of mind that is free from greed, anger, and ignorance, the three poisons that inhibit our spiritual awakening.The Sutra teaching the Four Factors explores four key concepts: How to prevent unwholesome qualities that haven't risen from arising, how to remove unwholesome qualities that have already arisen, how to cultivate wholesome qualities that have yet risen, and how to nurture wholesome qualities that have already arisen. By practicing these teachings in our everyday lives, we can purify all our bad karmas by replacing them with virtuous ones.The course consists of 4 sections: The introduction, the background of the sutra, the reading and analysis of the sutra, and finally the summary of the practice. By structuring the course such wise, we allow you to not only understand the teaching by reading it first hand, but I also provide deep insight into the context, underlying meaning as well as practical steps to incorporating the teachings of Right Effort into an easy-to-understand practice. Best wishes and hope you enjoy the course.Byron Li.
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