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Category: Wisdom and Insight

Purpose of lIfe

What is the Purpose of Life?

‘What is the purpose of life’ is perhaps one of the most pondered existential questions throughout humanity’s time on Earth. Yet, despite millennia of seeking, through countless religious philosophies and […]

Be Happy

How To Be Happy – 10 Happy Habits

For most people, being happy is the ultimate state of being. All our goals, ambitions, plans, and actions are motivated by our pursuit of happiness. We spend time with those who bring us the most joy. We spend money on things that return the most gratification. We spend energy on activities that reward us with the highest fulfillment. We all want to be happy. These ten happy habits are easy to do, available to everyone, and can be done every day. Start slow and take small steps. That way the practice won’t appear too daunting or overwhelming. Every day try to scale the habits up by small and manageable increments and before you know it, you will be performing all these happy habits naturally and effortlessly. Not only will you experience the benefits of happiness first hand, but those around you will slowly notice the positive and welcome changes too. This is the path to happiness where one takes full ownership of their joyful destinies.

How to Develop an Aura of Self-Confidence

A person who radiates a strong aura of self-confidence is assuring, reliable, and can provide others with a sense of comfort and safety. When coupled with characteristics of patience, empathy, […]

Transforming Anger into Peace and Joy

Of all the human emotions, anger is the most destructive. It causes oneself endless pain, anxiety, and stress, while also leading to much suffering for the people around. The Buddha […]

Living a Fulfilling and Meaningful Life

Despite all our differences, everyone on Earth is also similar in that we all want to live a happy and meaningful life.  Everything we do is motivated by our pursuit […]

Making Peace with the Present Moment

Making peace with the present moment means making peace with ourselves, with others, and with the totality of life. Once peace with all phenomena is established, we can abide in […]

Freedom from Fear Forever

We all wish to live our lives in comfort and freedom from fear, joy, and harmony, spending our short time here on Earth doing things that makes us happy and […]

3 Things I Learnt as a Buddhist Monk

Last time, I wrote about my two-year experience as a Buddhist Monk in a Taiwan Monastery, describing what day to day life was like. Today, I’d like to elaborate on […]