Be kind Be happy

I wrote these articles with no intention other than to spread the messages of kindness, joy and harmony. Despite our life paths being different, I feel we are all similar in the sense that everyone wants to be happy and free from suffering. I believe we can all be happy and peaceful if we have the wellbeing of each other in mind as we journey through our own adventures and experiences. If we can view each other and ourselves with gentleness, empathy, and loving-kindness, we will create much comfort and joy not only for others but even more so for ourselves. This is because only true kindness leads to real happiness.

Allow me to humbly take the lead while I take you on a journey of self-discovery. And holistic learning and show you how we can become the kindest, happiest, and best versions of ourselves. By developing all the virtuous qualities like patience, generosity, honesty, good will, and compassion, while slowly eliminating. Our harmful qualities like anger, hatred, jealously, arrogance and ill will. We can become a person who is highly capable, wise and loved by all. 

When our actions and intentions come from a good place with the thought of everyone else in mind. We will live free from anxiety, fear and suffering. Let me show you why and how through my wholesome collection of powerful articles that point to our best self.

Best wishes to you on your life journey.