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How To Love What You Do Now!

There are often times when we wish we were somewhere else, or doing something else, or with someone else. It’s okay to be ambitious and reach as high as we can, but if these thoughts are all we obsess about, it really takes us our presence away from the things we do. We may think the grass is greener on the other side, but in fact, it’s greener where you water it. In this article, I’d like to share how you can love what you do by changing your attitude, putting your focus and heart into it, and turning what was seemingly a dull lifeless scenario into one overflowing with potential, positivity, and hope. Because only when you learn to love what you do, can we truly learn to love yourself and the people around.

Love What You Do By Learning

No one can truly say that they are perfect at anything, and we can always learn from where we are, what we’re doing, and who we’re with. From that perspective, everything we do at any point in time will be teaching us something we can learn. We just need to know what the lesson is and how to maintain a humble, learning mind. If at work, our boss is constantly hounding us, we can learn patience, tolerance, teamwork, and skillful means to manage difficult people.

If our family members are always pressuring us with their expectations, we can practice effective communications, relationship management, sticking to our values, and expressing ideas with clarity and insight. Ultimately, a problem is only a problem if we do not have a solution to it. But if we can use the problem as a tool for developing solutions and insight, then those problems won’t worry us anymore. It is not the problem that we fear, but not having an answer to them that holds us back.

If we were to see all situations as opportunities for learning, then we would always carry a positive and grateful attitude throughout our journey of life. We would love all the experiences for what they are, good or bad, because there is always something to take away that helps us grow into a better person. With such an attitude, there is nothing to fear but our own perceptions themselves. Tough times keep us grounded and builds our character. Good times give us reasons to celebrate life and share happiness with others. With a learning mind, all times are good times.

Love What You Do By Caring

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Secondly, it is also important to care for what you do and who you’re with. By broadening our circle of concern, we become accountable, reliable, and considerate people. It’s not to say that we should have the answers to everyone’s problems, or that we should take on more than we can handle. But we should show a level of concern to our surrounding environment and always try to be a positive influence on others.

By caring for what you do and who you’re with, you invest more in our relationships, tasks, and responsibilities. This translates to an elevated level of being that benefits all aspects of life, be it at home, at work, with friends, and even online. When we show consideration and put in more time and energy into life, it means we also get back more in return. Then when we see the benefits of our efforts, the happy family, appreciation from colleagues and bosses, success in our work, and projects, it’ll all be worth it. There is true fulfillment in caring for what you do.

Unless we show a level of care and concern for the things we do, we will carry a low standard and a poor attitude with us everywhere we go. Then even if we were given our ideal job, dream partner, or perfect scenario, we wouldn’t hold it for long because we haven’t learned how to care for something and invest in it properly. However, if we learn to cultivate such an attitude now, one of honesty, integrity, and empathy, we will learn to love what we have now, and also cherish what the future holds for us later.

Love What You Do by Changing Your Attitude

Quite often, it is not the situation that is the problem, but our perception and attitude towards it that creates us stress and difficulty. In fact, the situation merely reflects a deeper problem within us and highlights what requires our attention. If we don’t change our attitude and perception, then that and other similar problems will always remain. However, once we can correct the way we think and live, those problems will disappear forever. The best way to enhance our attitude is by cultivating virtuous qualities like patience, kindness, generosity, empathy, and wisdom because they serve to mitigate the effects of anger, hatred, jealousy, closed-mindedness, arrogance, and ignorance, which are the real underlying problems.

If we can change our attitude in this way, we take complete ownership of our life and wellbeing. We stop blaming other people and circumstances for our suffering and instead use them to reflect deeply within and find the answers inside ourselves. Through introspection, we learn the conditions for our joy and fulfillment and nurture these conditions as much as possible. Then we will have all the qualities within ourselves to love everything we do, everywhere we are, and everyone we’re with, because we learn to love ourselves, and our life experience will be a reflection of that.


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To love what you do is to accept what we have is the best thing for us right now. When we learn to love what we have, we learn to love everything else. By cultivating a learning mind, a considerate and loving mind, we will stop looking anywhere else for meaning, purpose, and joy. We realize that we already have everything in front of us to help us become the best person we can be and to live a unique, magical life in our own special way.

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