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How to Maximize Your Life

I think its right to say that everyone wants to operate at their highest level. We all want to maximize our energy and potential so we can achieve all the goals and objectives we set for ourselves. No matter what line of work you’re in, what your social role is, what responsibilities you have, it will help what you do if you can maintain a sharp and focused mind, a healthy and energetic body, and a positive and optimistic attitude in life. Today I’d like to list the five main things we must do every day to maximize our productivity so we can live our best life and become far greater than anything we’ve ever imagined.

Maximize Meditation

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The first of the five is also the most fundamental. It is absolutely necessary to incorporate a meditation practice into our lifestyle for several key reasons. Meditation grounds us into the present moment so we can stay in touch with the beauty of life that’s happening right now instead of only focusing on past memories and future ideals. It teaches us how to slow things down when our environment becomes stressful or overwhelming so we can manage difficult situations with clarity and calmness. We also develop a more focused and concentrated mind, which helps us in every aspect of life. And finally, meditation opens up untapped energy sources from within our consciousness, which helps us operate from a higher level of being.

How long we meditate depends on how much time we have, but it’s always better to have a five minute, highly focused, good quality session over a thirty-minute one where we are lost in our thoughts and cannot ground our mind at all. Personally, I try to meditate three times a day, in the mornings, late afternoons, and before bed. It helps me recharge and resynchronize my mind and body so I can remain focused and alert throughout the day.

The object of meditation is also essential because no meditation is possible without having something to focus on. What object you use will depend on what is most effective, but many people use their breath,  gratitude, a mantra, bodily sensations, or stillness of the eye gaze. When thoughts arise, we can acknowledge them for what they are, remain unjudgmental so we don’t add to the chain of thought, and simply return our attention to the object of focus. Try it out and witness the wonderous changes yourself.

Maximize Stretching

The second on the list is just as crucial for the body as meditation is for the mind. Stretching has many benefits that we will notice immediately from the first session. It increases our range of motion and improves our posture to reduce the chance of injury. It helps release the stress stored within our muscles and joints, so we feel lighter and more relaxed. Stretching also stimulates blood flow, so we feel more energized while. Also releasing endorphins, which makes us feel euphoric and happy.

Stretching can also be done while watching videos or listening to podcasts. If we are time-constrained so we can get the most of our free time. And like meditating, its quality over quantity but try to get about ten to twenty minutes a day. The important areas to stretch are our legs, lower back. And hip joints because that’s where we store the most stress and where we are usually the least flexible.

Setting a Daily Intention

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This should be done the night before and reaffirmed first thing in the morning, either as soon as we get out of bed or immediately after our morning meditation. It is so important to set our intention each day so that we have our priorities set and a target to focus on. Instead of setting many intentions that spread the focus, we can simply have one thing that we absolutely must get done. Ideally, this intention is also something we can work on as soon as possible, and not one we must wait until the end of the day to allocate time for. This is because we have the most energy in the first half of the day, and so should spend this time on what requires our most attention. Once we’ve tackled our intention for the day, we’ll feel accomplished and charged for the other things on the list.

Not Overeating

For many people, this presents the most significant obstacle of the day. We should think of mealtimes as recharging our body with nutritious energy so we can carry out our daily tasks the best we can. If instead we overindulge during meal times, not only do we feel lazy and lethargic after a big meal, we also have to deal with the guilt of having overeaten and losing the drive to do what we had in mind. On the other hand, if we can keep our meals light, healthy, convenient, and quick, we can shorten the time spent eating and maximize our efforts on the more important things.

Overeating is harmful because it not only affects our immediate plans and productivity, but it also throws off our next meal time and portion size, which has a ripple effect on future productivity too. The best way is to change our attitude towards eating and how we perceive food – they are merely the means to an end and not the end itself. Of course, exceptions can be made for family gatherings, celebrations, and office lunches where we can loosen up a little and enjoy the occasion with everyone else.

Maximize Sleeping Early

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Finally, getting an early night’s rest will do wonders for the entirety of the next day. For many people, we don’t do overly productive things during the evenings anyway, and if we are just to spend it watching TV shows, chatting with friends, or playing games, we may as well call it early and get a good night’s rest. The thing is, we will never regret sleeping early when the next morning comes. Instead, we will be so grateful that we can start the day fresh, alert, and not have to rush our morning routine.

Just as an early night is the best way to start the day, sleeping late will almost guarantee a difficult following day. So many times during the day do we realize just how much we have to do and find we don’t have the energy and focus to carry things out. However, if we had a good night’s rest, we will be overflowing with drive and positivity that everything we do becomes easier and more enjoyable. Not only will we have enough energy to complete all our set tasks, but we will have extra to share with others or take on more.

The best way to decide our bedtime is by first setting what time we want to get up and then taking it back by how many hours we need to sleep. Once we’ve determined our bedtime, we know that anything later than that will be counterproductive the following day, so we’ll be mindful not to overstep it too much, if at all.


maximize your strengths maximize the strengths by working and medittation maximize your love maximize your kindness bekindbehappy

To sum up, we can maximize our potential and operate at our highest level if we manage these five areas of our lives. By incorporating a meditative practice, having daily stretching, setting an intention each day, eating just enough, and sleeping early, we will give ourselves the best chance to achieve our goals. We will ensure that our energy levels are high throughout the day, that we are always motivated and optimistic, and that our physical and mental health are always optimal, so we can do everything we set for ourselves and much much more.

Let’s all put in our greatest efforts to up our standard of being so we can work together to make this world the best it can be.

Thanks for reading 😊

Much love,

Byron ❤

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