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How to be Effortlessly Happy all the Time

For most of us, what we do and the decisions we make are motivated by our pursuit of happiness. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are all searching for happiness, joy, and satisfaction, and we base the choices we make on what we feel will create the most gratification for us. However, despite living in an era where things are more convenient and accessible than ever, we often find ourselves feeling more discontent, disconnected, and unfulfilled than ever. It is becoming increasingly common for us to see ourselves lacking in physical comfort, mental calmness, and a positive outlook on life, three fundamental components that promote a happy, fulfilling life. Today I would like to explore deeper into these qualities and how we can improve them to enjoy an elevated natural state effortlessly all the time.

Physical Comfort is Happiness

Physical comfort comes from having a healthy body that has adequate rest, regular exercise, and a healthy diet. We must create healthy habits such as sleeping early, walking or moving frequently, and eating more fruits and drinking enough water because a healthy body plays such a significant role in our overall morale and emotional state. The most important thing we must do is to identify our unhealthy habits and slowly replace them with healthier habits, by either changing the environment or changing our attitude and how we perceive them.

Another key influence on our physical comfort is our posture and comportment. Whether walking, standing, or sitting, we should always engage in the right posture. This means our back is straight, and our shoulders slightly rolled back so that pressure on our muscles and joints are evenly distributed. When our posture is good, we can relax more deeply in our body throughout the day, and whatever we are doing, we are comfortable, well-rested and happy.

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Finally, maintaining a steady breathing pace also helps us relax and find deep comfort in our bodies too. We can learn a lot about our physical wellbeing by observing the quality of our breath. When our breaths are deep and long, we are generally much more calm, healthy, and in control. However, when we find our breaths are short and shallow, its time to change our breathing pattern and slow down the breath by taking a few long and deep breaths. When our breaths are long and deep, our heart also works more efficiently, and our resting heart rate decreases to around 50-60 beats per minute. Our breathing is one vital tool we can use at any time to slow things down, go deeper into a relaxed state, and return to a high physical comfort level.

Mental Calmness is Happiness

Mental calmness is another crucial quality that greatly influences our emotional state and overall level of happiness. By developing a still and peaceful mind, we have more control over our emotions and can handle stress and challenging situations with more clarity and effectiveness. In general, everything improves when our mind abides in a high state of calm, and this is accomplished through deep acceptance of the present moment. The natural law of cause and effect tells us that all effects have a cause, and all causes will lead to an effect. This being the case, everything in this very moment is exactly the way it is supposed to be because of all past causes and conditions, and by acknowledging this, we learn to make peace with what is. After accepting the external environment around, we can begin working towards a better tomorrow, because just as the past conditions the present moment, the future also depends on what we do today.

When we accept, peace will inevitably arise, and with a peaceful mind, we experience great joy and comfort. With a calm and joyful mind, our actions and decision making become less a reaction to our fears and insecurity and more about creating pleasure and happiness for ourselves and the people around us. True happiness can only be everlasting when we are also surrounded by happy and content people, so all our actions should be motivated towards creating happiness indiscriminately to self and others. This is the only way to true eternal happiness.

Positive Outlook is Happiness

happy always happy strong happiness happiness and strong always happy behappy be happy be happy and kind bekind be happy

Perhaps the most important component to living happily and at ease is to develop a positive and hopeful outlook towards life. Because ultimately, our thoughts create the world around, and our perceptions create good and bad experiences, we can change our outlook on life by transforming our thoughts and perceptions. Through mindfulness, we learn to listen to our inner voice and observe the way we think and perceive the world around us. When we identify certain thought patterns that are unconstructive such as thoughts of anger, hatred, jealousy, arrogance, selfishness, and ignorance, we must first realize, through contemplation and introspection, their destructive nature. Only then can we inspire the desire to replace them with more wholesome qualities such as thoughts of patience, kindness, empathy, humility, gratitude, and generosity.

When we take on the task of transforming our thoughts and perceptions, we have introduced a spiritual beauty to life that promises great joy and fulfillment because it completely changes our views of ourselves, our experiences, the people around, and the very world we live in. Then all life experiences serve to bring happiness and pleasure or to teach us a lesson that we need to learn. Every day, we become a better, wiser, and more capable person than the day before, and our life is filled with hope, energy, and positivity. With such an outlook on life, not only do we live happily every day, but the people around us will benefit immensely from us also.


happy always happy strong happiness happiness and strong always happy behappy be happy be happy and kind bekind be happy

Happiness is a quality of life that everyone desires. The good news is we all have the potential to experience natural states of joy effortlessly all the time. By looking after our health, posture and breath, we abide in physical comfort. Through deep acceptance of the present moment, we realize mental calmness and clarity. And by changing of our thoughts and perceptions, we transform our outlook on life into a wholesome and positive one. As we work towards improving these three aspects every day, we will surely find ourselves growing in contently, joy, and fulfillment, and only when we are happy with ourselves can we share happiness with others.

As everyone learns how to live holistically, happily and harmoniously, we progress towards peace and unity, which is the ultimate goal for humanity. May we all play our part in the process and make the world a happy place for all.

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