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How to Develop an Aura of Self-Confidence

A person who radiates a strong aura of self-confidence is assuring, reliable, and can provide others with a sense of comfort and safety. When coupled with characteristics of patience, empathy, and kindness, such a person is a genuine friend and leader, always dependable and trustworthy. When it comes to confidence, there are two main types; external and internal.

External confidence is the image we portray others and includes our facial expression, body posture, our movements, and stillness. We must always be mindful of our actions and body language and the impressions that they give off. Internal confidence is the deep ever-present belief that no matter what happens, everything is going to be okay. As a result, one always feels relaxed and comfortable regardless of the everchanging situations one finds themselves in. When internal confidence is realized, it will naturally be reflected in our external appearance.

self-confidence self belief self confidence

Today I’d like to discuss how we can achieve strong self-confidence to help accomplish our goals and ambitions but also to provide the people around with a strong sense of comfort, peace and stability.

How to Build External Confidence

Our external and internal worlds are interconnected. When we feel strong inside, it makes us feel relaxed outside. And when we are physically comfortable, it also leads to happiness mentally. This is why our external demeanor and comportment can also influence our internal sense of confidence and why we should be mindful of the way we conduct ourselves.

An assured person always looks relaxed yet alert. Their body language is deliberate and energetic, their eye gaze is strong yet gentle, and they are always calm and happy. If we look too relaxed and comfortable without energy and vigor, we come off as lazy and lethargic. On the other hand, if we are too alert and active without the graceful and gentle side, we will seem agitated. The right balance is essential.

self-confidence self belief self confidence

External Confidence Importance

Personally, I find that keeping a straight back with your shoulders pulled slightly back, is a very comfortable yet energetic posture to maintain throughout the day. Not only is it good for your spine, but it also keeps your energy levels elevated. A slouched back is what we want to try and avoid. Then, keeping constant mindfulness of our breath and returning to our inner silence can also slow things down when we need to break up a stressful situation. At any time, we can take a moment to resynchronize our mind and body by taking a deep conscious breath in and allowing the body to go into relaxation mode on the breath out. You can try it now for yourself. Deep breathing feels great! It’s like smoking, but without the cigarettes.

Not only should we be mindful of our bodily movements, but we should also learn to enjoy and appreciate stillness. There will be times when we are not required to act or when we should afford ourselves time to think and reflect. When we are constantly moving and fidgeting around, not knowing how to slow down and be still, it gives the impression we are restless and have lost our sense of mindfulness. Stillness is also important to practice because it makes us feel calm, stable, and rested. When we are relaxed and comfortable externally, we will experience peace and joy inside. This is our we can use our external portrayal to breed self-confidence.

How To Build Internal Confidence

self-confidence self belief self confidence

Internal confidence comes from a deep belief that no matter what happens, everything is going to be okay. When we can truly internalize this notion, our inner peace and joy will naturally manifest, and we will realize a strong sense of self-confidence. This state can be realized when we begin accepting the totality of the present moment for what it is, understanding that everything right here and now is exactly the way it should be. And this is true forever, always.

One way to practice acceptance is by contemplating and observing cause and effect in our everyday lives. The Law of Causality is all around us and underlines the very fabric of our universe. All phenomena arise when causes and conditions come together, and they pass away when such causes and conditions change. By realizing this, we understand that the present moment is a result of all past causes and conditions and so we make peace with the way things are.

Internal Confidence Importance

However, that’s not to say we cannot change our futures because, by understanding cause and effect, we can cultivate the right causes and conditions that lead desired effects and outcomes. For example, if we want to grow apple trees, we need to combine the cause, being apple seeds, with the appropriate conditions like soil, water, air, and sunlight. Likewise, if we want to be happy, peaceful and confident, we must cultivate the right causes and conditions such as wisdom, kindness patience, gratitude and other virtuous qualities.

This is the epitome of taking complete ownership of our lives and how we can utilize everything within our power to become the best versions of ourselves we can be. A strong sense of self-confidence will naturally arise when we are on a consistent path towards personal growth and spiritual development.


Self-confidence is very attractive and contagious because it reflects a deep sense of peace, sureness, and stability. When rooted in loving-kindness although it provides everyone around with a feeling of comfort and safety which translates to joy and happiness. This is why people with a strong aura of self-confidence make the best leaders. To cultivate self-confidence, we must be mindful of our external expressions such as body language and physical conduct, while also developing our inner virtues such as acceptance, patience, and gratitude. When we are working towards becoming the best versions of ourselves, developing physically, mentally, and spiritually, we will naturally radiate the light of confidence.

self-confidence self belief self confidence

May we all be the best versions of ourselves so we can provide our friends, family and the people around confidence, stability, peace, and joy.

Thanks for reading😊

Kind regards,

Byron ❤

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