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Making Peace with the Present Moment

Making peace with the present moment means making peace with ourselves, with others, and with the totality of life. Once peace with all phenomena is established, we can abide in great joy, harmony, and fulfillment. In a sense, only then do we really begin to live life to its fullest potential. To make peace with the present moment, we need a certain level of wisdom and understanding, the development of mindfulness, and deep compassion.

Peace through Wisdom and Understanding

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The type of wisdom we need to develop is the understanding of Cause and Effect. The universe and everything within it abides by this law which states that every cause has an effect and every effect arises from causes and conditions. When causes and conditions come together, an outcome is created, and when those causes and conditions change or separate, the outcome ceases to be. We can observe causality everywhere, internally or externally. Internally, thoughts of love and kindness lead to ease and joy, while thoughts of anger and hatred lead to anxiety and tension. Externally, apple seeds, if given the proper conditions of sunlight, soil and water can grow into apple trees, while eating can cure our hunger and sleeping can alleviate our tiredness.

Immediately, we accept everything just the way it is and stop resisting against the flow of life. That’s not to say we remain passive and unmotivated to work and act for the future, we still need to do that, but it’s important first to practice joyful acceptance of all phenomena.

Only then should we exercise our power and potential to influence positive change by creating wholesome and holistic causes and conditions that lead to a happier world for ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone else. We don’t need to wait for the future to experience peace and joy, it is available right now, through joyful acceptance of the present moment.

When we understand cause and effect, we learn to relinquish the blaming and complaining mind, because we realize that everything is conditioned and so no one is really to blame. For example, do we blame the people that cause us suffering or the system that influenced those people, or the culture and people that created those systems, or the parents of those people, or the environments those parents grew up in? We no longer create resistance with the flow of life but make peace with it, and that leads to real inner peace and joy in the here and now.

Mindfulness of the Present Moment

present moment moment present now moment on time moment moments and memories

Making peace also requires a certain level of mindfulness . Because we need to be mindful of our resistance with the present moment that is causing disharmony within our mind and body. Stress, anxiety, and fear arises when there is a discrepancy between what is and what we want it to be. Not to say that we cannot work for what we want, but we must first accept what is. Only then can we exercise joyful acceptance to return to the flow of life. And bring peace back to the present moment.

Without mindfulness, not only do we have no peace of mind. But we also don’t know the sources of our stress and anxiety and how to address these problems. Because many of us lack the mindfulness to illuminate the causes of our suffering states. People turn to escapism in the form of drugs, alcohol, television, food. And sleep as a way of distracting themselves. Instead of identifying and addressing these problems. Until we develop the mindfulness to identify them and exercise joyful acceptance to make peace with them. The roots of these problems will remain forever.

Meditation is another effective way to cultivate a concentrated mind with heightened awareness. Over time, our mindfulness will grow, and we will have a greater capacity to uncover the subtler things that are stealing away our peace of mind.

Deep Compassion for the Present Moment

present moment moment present now moment on time moment moments and memories

Deep compassion is another essential quality to develop that helps us bring peace and joy to our lives and to the present moment. With deep compassion, we can purify all the mental defilements that create us much anger, hatred, jealousy, and anxiety. By always maintaining a mind of deep compassion, we don’t give a chance for hatred and anger to arise and infect our mind and influence our actions and speech. With the spirit of deep compassion, when what we do and say are motivated by hatred, we not only hurt the people around, but we also destroy all peace and joy within our mind.

Consequently, we create a happy and harmonious vibration that people feel comfortable to be around. Internally, we are calm and relaxed, and externally, our friends and family also benefit from our presence. By practicing deep compassion, we learn to love ourselves as well as the people around us, establishing joy and peace wherever we are, whatever we are doing.


Making peace with the present moment is not only possible right here. And now It is also vital that we learn to practice. This immediately for the sake of ourselves and the people around. To make peace, we need to develop the wisdom of understanding cause and effect. We need to cultivate strong mindfulness, and we need to practice deep compassion at all times.

Cultivating strong mindfulness helps us realize the root causes of our stress and discomfort. So that we can take appropriate measures to restore our peace of mind. Practicing deep compassion eliminates our mental defilements such as anger and hatred and replaces it. With virtuous qualities like patience, empathy, and kindness which leads to much peace. And joy for ourselves and the people around us.

May we all work together to create a world where happiness and harmony. Is the foundation and bedrock of our society. We may not always be able to change others. But we can definitely change ourselves, and the best way to start is to make peace with the present moment. With ourselves, with others, and with the totality of life itself.

present moment moment present now moment on time moment moments and memories

Thanks for reading 😊

Kind regards,

Byron ❤

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  1. This was so beautiful to read – thank you so much, truly. One kind of triggered me though; I’m hoping someone can help me with or comment on was this bit:

    “people turn to escapism in the form of drugs, alcohol, television, food, and sleep as a way of distracting themselves”

    Sleep is physiologically required and important for our btains – I try to keep a routine sleep schedule (usually like 10pm-730am, with exceptions on weekends), and I feel it helps me perform optimally. Consequently – some of my psychonautic friends tease me about it, like I’m allowing this low level need/discomfort to drive my actions.

    I just don’t get the quote above… I mean will the human body even allow you to sleep to escape? I have a very difficult time sleeping if I don’t actually need sleep, so what is the OP suggesting with this one? The others make perfect sense to me.

    • Thank you for your comment, and I’m glad you liked the article 🙂 Just like everything, I think it’s about the intention. If sleep is intended for rest and recovery to increase our level of performance throughout the day, then the intention is absolutely fine. In the article I was referring to sleeping as escapism in cases where we’d rather be doing nothing than address our problems, out of laziness and just not wanting to deal with things. For example, lounging around watching TV all day, oversleeping, or just being overall unmotivated in life.

      In general, if we have a problem or obstacle, we should try to learn from it and actively seek to resolve it so that we can become free from it once more. This serves to not only benefit ourselves, but everyone around also. By doing nothing or avoiding the problem, we are doing ourselves and the community a great disservice.

      Sleep and rest is not bad, and is actually very healthy and important, and everyone requires different amounts to function optimally. As long as we are aware of our underlying intentions behind our actions, and remain honest with ourselves, we’ll be on the right path 🙂

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