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Freedom from Fear Forever

We all wish to live our lives in comfort and freedom from fear, joy, and harmony, spending our short time here on Earth doing things that makes us happy and brings us fulfillment, and being free from pain, suffering and all the bad things that infect us with stress and anxiety. Luckily, we have it all within us to live the best life and be the best versions of ourselves that bring hope and happiness to our family, friends, and the people around.

However, one thing stands in the way of the perfect life; and that thing is fear. Fear destroys our hope, confidence, and peace of mind. Inhibiting us from being free to express ourselves, follow our dreams, and be truly happy. Today, I wish to describe three types of fears. That affect us all and explain how we can be liberated from these fears to live our lives in joy, comfort, and peace.

Freedom from Fear of Loss

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Loss is something we all dread, that creates a lot of uncertainty and uneasiness in our lives. We fear losing our family and friends, our wealth, our health, and our time. Because of this fear. We do not experience true peace of mind, instead always stressing and worrying about losing what makes us happy. But if we were to change our attitude towards. How we perceive such things as wealth, health, and time, then we would be able to enjoy it more holistically.

The first thing we must realize is the reality of impermanence. Everything that we have in possession. We must understand that it is impermanent and that many external factors can take them away. Our possessions can be broken, stolen, or lost. Our health can meet with sickness, injury, or accident. And our time can be shortened, reallocated, or given up. Our family can move, change, or pass away. Knowing this, we accept the potential for loss as always existent. And so we don’t hold on too tightly to the extent it creates us stress and anxiety. Instead, we make peace with the reality that everything. We possess may not still be ours tomorrow. We enjoy it while we can and cherish it for the time its around.

freedom from fear relax from fear freedom free best way to relax from fear

Once we accept the reality of impermanence. We avoid being overly attached to things we have, and that brings us great freedom from fear and peace of mind. Instead, we appreciate each and every moment we are with our loved ones, our health, our time, and our possessions and make the most of our time with them. That way, if the day comes that we lose it, we will have no regrets, instead of being full of gratitude that we enjoyed every moment while it lasted.

Accepting impermanence doesn’t mean being negative; it means being appreciative.

Freedom from Fear of Suffering

Suffering is another form of experience that we all fear because it is accompanied with many negative feelings and emotions. Suffering consists of physical pain, mental anguish, or any state or sensation that is unpleasurable or uncomfortable. The problem with this type of fear is that fear is often much more overwhelming. Then the actual pain of suffering itself.

However, if we understood suffering for what it actually is, a lot of the fear would quickly dissipate. This is because, for the most part, it is not entirely rational. Quite often, we fear things that have a low chance of happening, that will never happen at all. Or that has been imagined into our reality. But regardless, suffering is a physical sensation on the body. Or an emotional/ mental sensation in the mind. That has the nature of arising and passing away on its own.

Fundamentally, sensations are neither good nor bad. But because we perceive them as either comfortable or uncomfortable. We mistook the real nature of sensations, which in reality is neutral. If we were to remain consciously present during our experience of suffering. And observe the feelings objectively, analyze, and scrutinize it deeply, the whole experience. Would seem much less overwhelming and much more manageable. With a deeper understanding of the sensation. We realize that suffering has no real intrinsic nature, and so the freedom from fear can be realized.

freedom from fear relax from fear freedom free best way to relax from fear

Another attitude to develop that helps us ease our fear of suffering is to perceive the advantageous. And beneficial aspect of suffering towards one’s growth and development. This is because pain, when confronted and overcome, builds tolerance and resilience. Stress and anxiety, when confronted and overcome, develop patience and empathy. Obstacles and adversity, when confronted and overcome, increases knowledge, wisdom, and insight. All types of suffering, when perceived mindfully and positively. It is a condition for spiritual growth and maturity. And if we can understand suffering likewise, fear is transformed into gratitude.

If we perceive sensations as suffering, we will suffer; if we perceive sensations as training tools, we will learn.

Freedom from Fear of Death

freedom from fear relax from fear freedom free best way to relax from fear

Perhaps the greatest fear many people live with is the fear of death. I think this fear mainly stems from not fully understanding it, what happens, where we go, how it feels. But if our attitude towards death is more holistic. We will be able to accept it as a natural part of life and make peace with it completely. Afterward, without fear of death holding us back, we can live to the fullest.

Personally, I appreciate the Buddhist perspective on death. Buddhism believes in the law of cause and effect. Every cause has an effect, and every effect then becomes a cause for further effects. Creating a never-ending chain that has existed since the beginningless time. That will continue forever into the future. Life is the cause that leads to death, and then death becomes the cause that leads to life. It is just a natural part of life that ensures the continuation of our existence. Because there is rebirth, there is hope. Because there is next life, we will have another chance to continue our spiritual path and our unfinished work. Death is not the end, but a beginning to a new life.

By understanding death likewise, we don’t waste our time here on Earth. Instead, we take full advantage of our eternal life and live for something greater than ourselves. We begin an eternal journey of growth and service that benefits ourselves and everyone around us. Creating much joy and happiness now that will only increase into the future.

When we accept death entirely, we also enable the total potential of life.


freedom from fear relax from fear freedom free best way to relax from fear

Fear steals a lot of joy and energy from our lives. It creates a lot of stress, anxiety, and discomfort that prevents us from living life to the fullest. By understanding the underlying objects of fear, predominantly loss, suffering, and death. We can transform our fear into peace, creating a much more positive and holistic outlook on life. As a result, we appreciate the totality of the present moment, knowing that tomorrow will be different. We see suffering as merely physical and mental sensations and utilize them as tools for spiritual growth and development. We accept life and death as a circular, eternal phenomenon. And so create our own meaning of life that transcends our own value.

When fear is no longer suppressive, we gain great freedom to live. Out the rest of our lives with much more meaning and conviction. Then we can begin the first day of the rest of our lives.  

I hope you can find this article useful in your quest for joy and freedom. If you have any feedback or questions, please leave a comment below. As always, I try to respond within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading 😊

Kind regards,

Byron ❤


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