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How One Person Can Change the World

What if I told you that you alone can change the world? That you can shape the world however you like? What difference would you wish to bring? Well, the truth is that you really can, we all can. In fact, we are already changing the world, day by day, moment after moment because by simply existing and interacting with others, we leave our irreversible imprint on this Earth, forever changing the course of the future.

Understanding Our Circle of Influence

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Everyone has their own circle of influence whose size and shape varies depending on many factors. At work, our circle of influence becomes our colleagues and customers. At home, our circle of influence becomes our family and relatives. In social gatherings, our circle of influence becomes our friends and acquaintances. At school, our circle of influence becomes the teachers and students. And on the internet, our circle of influence becomes potentially everyone in the whole world. Everywhere we are, whatever we are doing, whoever we talk to, we are impacting the world in our own unique way.

Change the world with the Ripple Effect

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Our circle of influence consists of the people we directly interact with and can directly influence. However, the circle of influence of another person is also within our indirect influence. For example, I may not know my friend’s family, but if I were to do something to make him angry, his anger will have a direct influence on his family when he goes home, and colleagues when he goes to work. Because of this ripple effect, the impact of all our actions, speech and thoughts extends beyond the people we interact with and affects the whole country, world, even so far as the entire universe. And this is happening on a moment to moment basis.

Penetrating the Interconnectedness of Life

Humans are very sensitive and emotional beings, and so naturally how we think and feel has a substantial effect on others. The same applies to animals, plants and even inanimate objects. Just take a look at Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment. Similar to how our actions directly and indirectly influence everything else, everything else is also directly and indirectly affecting us too. This is the interconnectedness of life, and from this perspective, we can imagine the entire universe as a single living organism that we are merely a part of.

Change the World by Observing Our Present State

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The reason why it is important to understand interconnectedness is that we also must take responsibility for our actions and think more in-depth about their consequences. In a way and to various degrees, we are all responsible for the state of the world today. Also, We all want to be happy and healthy, to live in peace and comfort, and to be free from pain and suffering.

Yet as humans, we are infected by war, famine, violence, drug addiction, poverty, discrimination, pollution, sickness, and depression. We must reflect on what values we are passing on to others. What message are we sending, and what impact we are making on the world. Do our actions encourage violence or peace? Can we speak words of praise or insult? Do our thoughts bring others joy or anguish? Are our intentions loving or hateful? These are the questions that we should be mindful of the moment to moment because their impacts cannot be understated.

The Purity of our Inherent Nature

I firmly believe that deep down we all want to make the world a better place. And to bring love and peace into the lives of others. This is because if we were to seek within the depths of our soul. We’d realize something that we already know deep down. Which is the truth of the interconnectedness of life being our inherent nature. Different religions call it different things such as God, Nirvana, Heaven, Enlightenment, Eternal Life, or Spirit Body. But they all symbolize the same essence in which. We are all of the same source and that the source is love.

The Unlimited Potential of One Person to Change the World

We all have the potential to impact and change the world. And it all begins and ends with us being the best versions of ourselves. The person we were in the past doesn’t have to be the person. We are today, and is definitely not who we will become tomorrow. The beauty of impermanence is that nothing is fixed and that our destiny is in our hands.

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By generating a thought of love for a moment, we bring love to the world for a moment. By extending it for a minute, an hour, a day. We purify the world with loving energy for a minute, an hour, a day. And by practicing loving-kindness and striving for a peaceful world our entire lives. Also, We become a symbol of love that inspires others to reconnect with their inherent loving nature. The people we inspire will go on to inspire their circle of influence. Who will then go on to inspire others? The potential of one person is infinite and limitless. And if he is inspired towards the benefit of the world, his impact will be likewise.

To reach our potential and become the best versions of ourselves. Also, We simply need to practice the three acts of goodness. Namely, do good deeds, speak good words, and think good thoughts. I have written articles on each in the past that you can find by clicking on them. As we practice the acts of goodness more and more and become more mindful of our actions. Speech and thoughts, also we may reach a point where the practice of all. That is good becomes habitualized.

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May we all work together for peace and harmony, be mindful of our actions, speech and thoughts and become the symbol of love and joy which reflects our real intrinsic nature.

What are you thoughts on how we can change the world? What do you think the world needs from us? Please share your thoughts and ideas on the comments section below =)

Thanks for reading 😊

Kind regards,

Byron ❤


  1. You are right but unfortunately we are all different from each other and societal norms,history and customs is what divide us the most today.We surely cannot change the past.IMO,history will always be a barrier in our way to change the world.
    Anyway,your article was very interesting.

  2. I agree with this article. I think most of us especially children aren’t aware of the ripple effect and it’s consequences on our values as we grow as little people. In your opinion how do you deal with people who are based in ignorance and hate? How do you deal with those who have been raised with indoctrinated values that are negative?

    • You are right in that many of us do not understand the impact our actions have on others and so sometimes we behave with ignorance or hate. However, I think it’s difficult to change someone if they do not want to change or see the importance of changing, and once we are using force or pressure to implement change, it’s only going to create more resentment and tension. The better way I think is to educate and highlight to them the cause and effect relationships unwholesome actions have on themselves and others. Only when they can see the negative impacts themselves are more likely to inspire change from within.

      This is why I think right and wholesome education is fundamental in eliminating the problems of hatred, anxiety, depression, and crime because it creates a strong foundation that we need to thrive together in peace and harmony.

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