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The Power of a Concentrated Mind

In the age of technological advancement, where we have the internet, every social media and all forms of entertainment at our fingertips, it has become easier than ever to find distractions that eat up our time and energy. Whether we are working, studying, reading, or chatting with friends, we are finding it harder to remain concentrated on the task at hand without reaching out for our phone, opening up a new windows tab, or checking our Facebook and Instagram. All these distractions constantly pull at our attention, making it impossible for us to be truly present in our everyday life. All of this is because of the concentrated mind.

The problem is not technology or the internet itself, which when appropriately utilized brings so much value to our lives, but it is our unfocused, untrained and unconcentrated minds. Today, we will discuss what concentration is, its incredible benefits, and how to cultivate it in our everyday lives.

What is a concentrated Mind?

It also means having control of how we think and feel, what we want and need, and how we respond to the world around. Because the universe is perceived within our minds, by mastering our minds, we master our universe. Then everything we decide to do, we will have the will power and strength of mind to follow through to the end, while also having the discipline and focus to do our very best.

With a concentrated mind, we naturally develop the patience and resilience to withstand the struggles and adversities of everyday life by not allowing the stress of the situations affect us. However, most of us don’t realize just how weak our concentration is until we start working on it.

Practicing Concentration in Everyday Life

The best way to cultivate our concentration is to practice it in our everyday life. This simply means we give whatever we are doing, our undivided attention, whether it be talking to our spouse, hanging out with friends, eating a meal, reading a book, or working in the office.

It also helps our concentration if we remove all possible distractions beforehand, such as putting our phones on silent, turning off the computer or television, and making sure we have everything we need by our side so we can just focus on what we are doing. Every time we find our attention wandering, we just bring it back to the task, and every time we do that, we are strengthening our concentration a little bit more. You must also know about the concentrated mind.

How to Practice Concentration Meditation

This means for the whole duration of our sit. We fix our attention on one point and every time our mind wanders from that point. We gently bring it back. The process of bringing our attention. Back to our point of focus is equivalent to doing a rep at the gym.

Don’t worry about the mind jumping because it’s unavoidable. Just remain alert so that when it does jump, you can bring it back as soon as possible. Our object of concentration can be anything. Such as a mantra, a word, a name, a symbol, a sensation on the body. But my favorite is the breath because it brings our awareness back to the body. Which we spend so much time disconnected from.

How to Prepare for Meditation

The best preparation for an effective meditation session is to normally live healthily. And wholesome life because it protects and nourishes our mind and body. This means getting enough rest, eating healthy meals, doing regular exercise. Limiting the consumption of drugs and alcohol. And being gentle, friendly and happy to the people around. This is the best meditation preparation.

In meditation, it is imperative that our back maintains erect and our body remains still. We are able to go much deeper into meditation. When we are not moving at all, not scratching, rubbing, shifting around or twitching your nose. When we are completely still, the universe will be still with us, making it easier to focus and concentrate. This is the real beginning of meditation cultivation.

Awareness and Mind Analogy

He likened our awareness of a glowing ball of light. Like an orb that can float around, while the mind is the vast space with many different areas. Such as family, career, relationships, sports, science, happiness, anger, etc. Now the glowing ball of light can travel anywhere within the vast space. And when it arrives at a particular area, it lights up that area, making us conscious of it.

All-day every day, we allow people and things to take our awareness. And move it from one area of the mind to another. When it is done involuntarily, it is called being distracted. Concentration enables us to regain control of our awareness. Or that glowing ball of light, so that we don’t move it to areas of the mind. That is of no benefit to us, or even worse, to areas that harm us.

Unwavering Focus | Dandapani | TEDxReno

I highly recommend watching this short video of Dandapani’s Ted Talk. As he explains the importance of concentration and meditation in an entertaining and straightforward way.

Conclusion on concentrated mind

Concentration is the most powerful quality of the mind we can all cultivate. That will lead to incredible benefits to every aspect of our lives. If we could all master our minds, we wouldn’t generate anger, hatred, jealousy and ill will. Instead, we’d become the source of joy, love. And generosity everyone wants and needs because this is the ultimate path that leads to peace and happiness for all.

What are your thoughts on concentration and meditation? Do you have any experiences you’d like to share? If so, please leave some feedback in the comment section below.

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