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What is Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is the single most important practice we can undertake that improves every single aspect of our life. When we integrate mindfulness into our daily routine, we will find that our health improves, quality of sleep improves, physical and mental energy improves, our concentration improves, our mental clarity improves, but most importantly, our inner joy and fulfillment begins sourcing internally. Of course, these benefits then carry on into other aspects of life like our relationships, careers, family life, romance, spirituality because we become sharper, more creative, more proactive and more confident. Today I would like to explore Mindfulness meditation, its amazing benefits, and its practical applications.

What is Mindfulness meditiation?

mindfulness meditation best medidtaion to clear your mind and thoughts

Mindfulness can be explained as simply keeping our awareness on the present moment, being aware of how our senses organs interact with their corresponding environments. The six senses organs with their corresponding environments are the eyes with form, nose with smell, ears with sound, body with touch, tongue with taste, and mind with mental objects. It’s important to note that the mind is also a sense faculty, and a very important one because it is constantly interacting with thoughts, concepts, and ideas from our inner mental environment.

Being mindful means maintaining our attention on our awareness, remaining as the observer of our senses, and allowing life to unfold before us moment to moment. Magic happens when we are mindful because we create space within our mind that takes away our habit of impulsively reacting to the external stimuli. Instead, we are afforded time to process what is happening around us, think with intention and clarity, and then decide on how to respond appropriately.

Furthermore, because mindfulness makes us more present, our heightened senses make food tastes better, colors brighter, sounds clearer, and our experience of life becomes deeper and more meaningful. With mindfulness, we live more intentionally because we act and decide more consciously and deliberately.

But most rewarding is, when we practice mindfulness we become a better version of ourselves, a calmer, kinder, more patient person because mindfulness kills anger, hatred, jealousy, and arrogance, highlighting the adverse effects they bring to our mind and body. When we stop reacting and begin responding, we choose the more peaceful resolution options because they keep things more pleasant and harmonious, qualities that everyone likes. On the other hand, any response of anger, hatred or arrogance immediately infects the surrounding environment, body and mind with stress, anxiety discomfort, and discontent, and once we are mindful of its destruction, we stop fuelling it.

Mindfulness in everyday life

mindfulness meditation best medidtaion to clear your mind and thoughts

The first way to cultivate mindfulness is through mindful living. This means carrying on with our regular daily activities but just being mindful of what we see, hear, feel, and think. It is essential to combine mindfulness with the understanding of impermanence, recognizing that everything we think and feel arises and passes away. They are not permanent. That way, we do not become attached to negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences because we know it will pass away.

The same goes for the things we like. We do not develop unhealthy habits of clinging because strong clinging also leads to suffering through reliance and addictive symptoms. Then we learn how to flow with life instead of constantly being hung up on the past, or being anxious about the future. This is how mindfulness leads to joy in the present moment.

How to Practice Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is meditating on your sense of fields without moving with them. Think of us as the unmoving mountain amongst the ocean of drifting clouds. We remain as the still observer of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations merely watching them drift in and out.

mindfulness meditation best medidtaion to clear your mind and thoughts

While sitting, it is important that our body remains still and upright to maintain high concentration energy. Next, ground your attention onto your breath, following its every in and out-breath, to calm and quieten the mind. Once the mind is still, you can begin scanning your sense faculties,. Starting with your ears and what they hear, then the nose and what it smells. The eyes and what they see within the blackness. The body and what it feels, and the mind and what it thinks.

If you feel your mind is becoming distracted, or if it is drifting off uncontrollably. Simply return your attention back to your breath, take a few deep breaths, following it in and out. And slow things down before continuing again. With consistent practice over time. We will become better at it. Our minds will take much less time to settle, and our awareness of the surrounding environment will increase dramatically.


mindfulness meditation best medidtaion to clear your mind and thoughts

Mindfulness has many significant benefits. Such as developing a deeper understanding of impermanence. Which is a fundamental law of reality? Being aware of the unhealthy habits that cause us pain and suffering. So we can decondition them accordingly, being able to think and consider from a broader perspective. For more complete decision making. And living life more intentionally and consciously through heightened sensual clarity. When we integrate mindfulness into our everyday lifestyle, our attention and concentration strengthen every day. Not only that, but every single aspect of life also improves meaning. We become healthier, happier, friendlier, and more successful in everything we do. May we all cultivate mindfulness, live life consciously and influence the people around us with wholesome thoughts and values.

So what is your experience of mindfulness meditation? Are there any important aspects I did not include? What are some difficulties you have with being mindful? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below! 😁✌

Thanks for reading 😊

Kind regards,

Byron ❤


  1. Hi Byron,

    A lovely blog and at the time I was searching for a meditating technique. I will try to follow it from tomorrow morning. Can you please let me know few more details as how much time to start with is there anything more that could help me ?

  2. Hi Prasad,

    Happy to hear of your interest in mindfulness and I hope you will find this blog useful. Mindfulness is more than just meditation because it must be integrated into our everyday life for it to be useful. That being said, meditation does play a big part in cultivating mindfulness because it helps accelerate the development of our awareness. The best preparation for effective meditation sessions is to live a kind and healthy life because it soothes and protects our mind and body. This means getting enough rest, eating healthy meals, doing regular exercise, limiting consumption of drugs and alcohol, and being gentle, friendly and happy to the people around. This is the best meditation preparation.

    In meditation, it is imperative that our back maintains erect and our body remains still. We are able to go much much deeper into meditation and our body and mind when we do not move at all, not even scratching, rubbing, shifting around or twitching your nose. When we are still, we will feel like the universe becomes present to us before our very eyes. This is the real beginning of mindfulness meditation.

    Ground your attention first onto your breath, until wandering thoughts subside and the mind feels calm and still. The longer you focus on your breath, the more concentrated the mind becomes. Then you can begin scanning your sensual awareness. Remember to return to your breath whenever you feel you are losing control of your attention which is normal in the beginning. Once the mind still again you can continue scanning.

    I should note that if you don’t experience the mind becoming still, it will be hard to scan your senses. In which case, it may be better to focus on concentration meditation first and only after you have developed a focused mind will it be easier to continue with mindfulness meditation. You can meditate as little or as much as you can, and as often as it is possible. Ideally, it would be best to begin with 10 minutes in the morning and night each day and then slowly work your way up.

    I will write about concentration meditation in my next blog post.

    I hope this little bit of information will help you in any way shape or form. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask =)

    And thanks for your question. All the best! 😊✌

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