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What is Love?

Love is an expression of life, and life is the way we express love. Everything we say, do and think, is motivated by this and our quest to seek the things we love. Our love for family and friends drives us to sacrifice for them. Its Our love for career inspires us to work hard. Our love for ourself makes us seek the joys and pleasures in life.

But if love is the underlying intention for all our actions, why is so much pain and suffering created for ourselves and the people around us? This is because we do not know how to express freely, we do not know how to, and so we create feelings of hatred, anger, jealousy, and anxiety as a by-product. When we want something, we fear not having it. When we have something we, we fear losing it. And when we lose something we , we fear never getting it back. All the pain and suffering we ever experience stems from fear which arises from , because if we didn’t anything, we wouldn’t fear anything. However, the problem isn’t itself but the way we understand and communicate it. Below, we discuss the wholesome qualities of and the healthy ways we should express it and nurture it.

Love is patient

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Patience is a virtue that benefits all aspects of life. When we are angry, patience takes away its sting. When we are happy, patience ensures we remain rooted in our values. Now, When we are overwhelmed with emotions, patience takes away the impulse to react, giving us time to think and respond. When we feel stressed or anxious, patience enables us to view things from a broader perspective and a higher ground so we can make wiser decisions. When we love others with deep patience, we become the best version of ourselves – the calm and stable person we should be. Then we can be the source of strength and wisdom that everyone needs, being the solution to problems that arise instead of being the problem itself.

Love is forgiving

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Real forgiving is rooted in deep understanding and strong empathy. We understand that the hurtful actions of others are a result of their own suffering and ignorance and instead of holding it against them, we give them time and space to reflect and learn. With a sincere forgiving mind, there is no room for anger, ill will, or hostility. Instead, our hearts are full of patience, compassion, and empathy, the qualities of real love that inspire growth while cutting off the cycle of suffering fuelled by hatred and pettiness.

Love is generous

Generosity is always thinking about others’ needs? What can I provide them? How can I improve their lives? We are trying to bring them happiness and comfort by viewing their success as our success. Seeing them smile naturally brings a smile to our faces. This is the depth of we are capable of generating when we have sincere generosity and it leads to the wonderful feeling of connectedness with everyone and everything, including life itself.

Love is joyful

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Joy transcends the experience of mere happiness and pleasure which is transient but is the emotional dimension of a pure, wholesome life. It is a gratifying, long lasting and reliable source of happiness and is a consequence of living a meaningful life. To share the power of real joy with others, our for them must lead to their long-term welfare, and provide for them the tools and conditions to live a fulfilling life. This means taking care of their education, health, spirituality, and faith, which is the foundation of true joy. The more joy we can spark within others, the greater the joy we inevitably experience ourselves.

Love is unconditional

Unconditional love is the highest form of love because it is free from all ‘ifs’ and ‘buts.’ It is Great love because it transcends all boundaries of race, religion, nation, age, gender, and class. When we learn to love someone unconditionally, we learn to love everyone else the same way because we take away the conditions someone needs to deserve our love. Then we are practicing pure in-discriminatory love which takes down all the barriers we perceive to exist between us and others. When all barriers are eventually stripped off, we feel the nirvanic joy of being one with life itself.

To experience such a profound realm of love, we must decondition all the preconceived notions we have that determine who deserves our love and what makes others different from us. Ultimately, we all deserve love from one another, because when we take away all differences of discrimination, we are all the same. This is the love of the highest form that we are all capable of. Life then becomes about the journey of returning back to our original nature, and it begins with understanding and practicing unconditional love.


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Love is an expression of life, and life is how we express love. In many ways, life and love are synonymous. When we are ready to understand, practice and enjoy, we also deepen our experience of life itself. is innate in all of us and is the very foundation of our being. To return to our original nature, we must practice . is patience, is forgiving, is generosity, is joyful, and is unconditional. When we feel for others to begin to show these qualities, we know we are going in the right direction.

love do love how to do love hat love love hate best love kindlove

May we all love one another the same way we want to be done by others so that our world can return to its beautiful, pure, peaceful state.

Thanks for reading 😊

Kind regards,

Byron ❤

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