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Why we Should all Praise Ourselves!

Most of us struggle with the same problem in that we care too much about what others think and seek so much the love of others that we often forget to love ourselves. We have to praise ourselves. Not only that, but we are usually also our own worst critic, constantly telling ourselves we are not good enough, not beautiful enough, not successful enough. This lack of self-love leads to confidence issues, self-esteem problems, and insecurities that strongly affect our self-image as well as our relationships with others.

prasie ourselves best praise yourself you are the best we are the best praise ourselves

Instead, we should be our own best friend and love ourself, be nice to ourself, and praise ourself. The thing is, if we learn to like the person we are, others will like us too. This is how we can change the world by first changing ourselves. We consume so much time focusing on what others think about us when the more important question is, what do we think about ourself? Our brain is designed to believe what it is that we tell it, so instead of thinking negative things about ourself, let’s fill our mind with positive thoughts. We can use the power of praise and positive thinking to build ourselves up and to learn to love ourself. Then before long, we will become the person we keep telling ourselves we are. This is the power of praising ourself.

Make Praising Yourself a Daily Ritual

Every morning, start each day with positive self-reinforcement. As soon as you wake up, tell yourself, today is going to be a fantastic day. I am an important person who matters. I will be able to handle all the problems that come my way. Nothing can bring me down. Keep repeating this to yourself. And very soon you will feel a great surge of energy kick in that will carry you forward.

prasie ourselves best praise yourself you are the best we are the best praise ourselves

Throughout the day, we should also remind ourselves that we are friendly, we are lovable, we are kind, and we are special. Our friends, family, and colleagues are lucky to have us. Because we make them happy, we care about them, and we are great companions to them. Tell yourself this during the day. And you will give off a strong positive vibration that others will be attracted to. This is because we are naturally drawn towards kind, happy. And confident people and if we keep praising ourselves as such, we begin believing it and others will too.

Daily Ritual

When things don’t go our way, and we feel anxious, annoyed or stressed. We only have to soothe our brain by telling it that everything is okay. That we have the situation under control. And then things will immediately begin to feel more manageable. We dialogue with ourselves saying, this too shall pass, because everything that arises, passes away. If nothing lasts forever, why expend so much energy worrying about it. Instead, I will work on dealing with the situation the best I can. Because I am strong, I am capable, and nothing can defeat me. In fact, I relish the challenge because it builds character and makes me stronger. With a positive and confident attitude towards our problems, they will feel a lot less overwhelming.

prasie ourselves best praise yourself you are the best we are the best praise ourselves

Every night, before we sleep, we must praise ourselves one last time. The final thoughts we have before we sleep is so important. Because it plays a big part in determining the type of day we have tomorrow. I tried my best and have no regrets. Today was amazing, but tomorrow will be better.

When we praise ourselves all day every day, we become our very own best friend. We also learn gentle, loving speech that we will inevitably pass on to the people around us. It is very hard to make others love us, but it is within our very own power to love ourselves. We change the world around by changing the way we perceive ourselves. And it all begins with loving yourself, respecting yourself. And praising yourself. Believe that we are the kind, lovable, important person we want to be. And we’ll become that very person soon enough. This is the power of positive thinking combined with the power of praise.

prasie ourselves best praise yourself you are the best we are the best praise ourselves

May we all enjoy practicing self-love and become the strong, happy and compassionate person the world loves and needs. And may we be the source of joy that brightens the lives of others. And puts a smile on all their faces.

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