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Think Good Thoughts

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Positive thinking is the single most powerful energy that directly shapes our world and the reality we experience. Because of the way we see the world creates the world we see, it is important to fill the mind with positive, wholesome thoughts that inspire hope and growth. By conditioning the mind to think with positivity and open-mindedness, we eradicate the negative, harmful, and stress-inducing conditions that cause us so much pain and suffering. Consequently, we create a pleasant, joyful, and meaningful world that we can share with others. Below are three essential qualities that make up the core of all positive thinking minds.

The Importance of Gratitude

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It is not happy people who are grateful, but it is grateful for people who are happy. Having a mind of gratitude is so essential for our mental wellbeing because it grounds our mind on the things we have, instead of being constantly discontent about the things we don’t. A mind of appreciation focuses on the positives in life, leaving no room for blame and complaints which robs us of our energy and vitality.

When we practice gratitude, we start perceiving life differently, and good things start happening more frequently because we learn to acknowledge them. Happiness is a choice, and this choice begins with an appreciation for the small things in life, like having our health, having our loved ones, and having three meals a day. The more we practice gratefulness, the more we realize how much we actually have, and the happier and more fortunate we become. When we are able to maintain a grateful state of mind continually, our anxiety and dissatisfaction disappear, and we’re left with pure happiness and contentment.

The Powe of Resilience

Resilience is another fundamental quality of a healthy mind because it is the best defense against stress and depression. A resilient mind does not fear difficulties nor setbacks because it knows it will recover and bounce back up. A resilient mind is patient and tolerant, with deep compassion underlying it’s very core. We can develop unshakable resilience by simply making one adjustment to the way we think, which is to have faith that everything happens for a reason and that all challenges and adversities arise to teach us something we need to learn.

If we are able to use adversities as vehicles for spiritual development, we will no longer fear them, but instead appreciate them for the lessons they teach, and the growth they inspire. Kindness also helps us become more resilient because we desire to be strong for our friends and loved ones. The more resilience we have, the more stress and problems we can handle, the more negativity we can purify, and the more power we have to do good in this world. This is why resilience is fundamental for a strong and happy mind.

Thinking beyond yourself

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Finally, having goals that are greater than ourselves is crucial for long term happiness and fulfillment because it gives our lives meaning and purpose. When the things we do serve more than just ourselves, minor problems and difficulties don’t affect us as much. In fact, we find that we are more than happy to take on added stress and responsibility because we perceive it as necessary and worthwhile. Having greater goals also broadens our vision of the world because our mind encompasses more than just ourself. Consequently, we understand our role in the universe and life will seem to flow more smoothly and pleasantly. As we embrace more and more people into our heart and mind, we develop more compassion and kindness which leads to high levels of sustained joy and contentment. This is why greater goals are so essential to long term happiness and fulfillment.

Here are some examples of positive and purifying thoughts we should exercise every day:

1. Think of three things we are grateful for each day

2. Develop empathy towards people less fortunate than us

3. Practice patience when things don’t go our way

4. Extend the love we feel for our family towards our friends and the people around

5. Remain open-minded when listening to others

6. Communicate to others with a calm and joyful mind

7. When feeling moments of anger and hatred, think compassionate thoughts

8. When feeling moments of intense greed and desire, think generous thoughts

9. Maintain mindfulness of your thoughts and feelings and know that everything that arises will pass away

10. Practice breathing meditation regularly

11. When feeling overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths to stabilize the mind

12. Take a few minutes several times each day to just do nothing, but rest, relax, recharge.

13. Every morning and night, tell yourself you are strong, important, and kind

14. Spend less time with technology and get more in touch with nature

15. Smile to yourself and remind yourself that everything is perfect just the way it is

16. Respect everyone equally, regardless of gender, race, status, and age

17. Forgive yourself and others for what has happened in the past

18. Accept the moment for what it is, because things are this way for a reason

good thoughts best good thoughts show thoughts

The world we experience is a reflection of our mind. This is why mental health and wellbeing is so crucial to having a happy and meaningful life. A mind that encompasses others, is considerate of others and wishes the best for others, is a great mind deeply rooted in kindness and compassion. Such a person lives in a beautiful, pleasant and joyful world full of friends and loved ones. More importantly, these people inspire others towards what is good and wholesome by simply being who they are. They are cherished by everyone and trusted by all. This is the greatest gift of having a positive thinking mind.

good thoughts best good thoughts show thoughts

May we all inspire each other towards thinking good thoughts, and be the change we wish to see in the world.

Thanks for reading 😊

Kind regards,

Byron ❤


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