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What is Kindness?

We all want to be a good person, a kind person, a happy person; but what exactly is kindness? Only if we can understand what kindness is, are we able to practice kindness and spread kindness to others? Kindness is a quality that exists at the very core of our being, a trait that underlies our very intrinsic nature. It is something we naturally strive to be, something we know deep down is beautiful and precious, and something we greatly enjoy when we feel it from others. To bring us back in touch with our inherent kindness, three of its primary characteristics and functions are described below.

Kindness is pure and wholesome. 

Kindness is pure and wholesome. It reflects all of our positive traits such as generosity, patience, compassion, selflessness, humility, and tolerance because this inspires us to become the best version of ourselves so that we can have the maximum capacity to help and enrich the lives of others. This is a powerful source of energy because it motivates us when we are tired when we are helpless, and when we feel incapable.

In This is because the object is not ourselves, but is everyone else. This is always focusing our attention away from the self-centered ego and instead of directing it towards our friends, family, colleagues, and the people around us. When we feel energized to do good for others, to help others, and to give convenience to others, we are exercising it. When the intention of the things we say and do is to bring others joy and comfort, we are exercising it. And when we find ourselves working harder than ever despite our tiredness and fatigue because seeing the smile on the faces of others makes it all worthwhile, we are exercising. This is why we say it is pure and wholesome.

smile spread kindness kindness spread spread kindness kindmess be kind

Kindness eliminates suffering and anxiety. 

Kindness eliminates suffering and anxiety. We must first understand that the source of suffering and anxiety stems from a mind infected with anger, jealousy, hatred. And ignorance. Kindness is the best cure for this, being the very medicine that removes hatred. And ill will at its roots. When we experience moments controlled by stress and anger, it is because we stop listening, respecting and considering the perspectives of others. When all we think about is our point of view, it is very easy to build stress and anxiety.

However, kindness takes our mind away from our self-centered thinking and places it on the well-being of others. Naturally, our mind relaxes and softens, and we immediately begin feeling calmer and happier. Kindness not only cures suffering and anxiety but when exercised as part of our habits and lifestyle, also perform preventative measures too. This is why kindness is the best weapon against suffering and anxiety.

smile spread kindness kindness spread spread kindness kindmess be kind

Kindness leads to happiness.

Kindness leads to happiness. Ultimately, the most precious gift kindness offers is the gift of profound happiness. Not only for ourselves but for everyone around us. It is energy. That can be felt by others in the things. We say and do and is always received with warmth and positivity. When operates as the core intention of our speech and actions. The things we say and do become pure and beautiful. Kindness motivates us to help, inspire, and support others. With our actions while giving others confidence, joy, and hope through our speech. When happy and inspired people surround us. We naturally become influenced by their positive frequencies, which in turn make us happy. Not only that, but a mind of great kindness is also always energetic and optimistic. Because it makes the things we do meaningful and fulfilling. Ensuring our lives are full of happiness and purpose.

Kindness is the most important quality of the mind that. We all need to continually exercise and cultivate in our everyday lives because of its three incredible characteristics and functions. It is pure and wholesome, it eliminates suffering and anxiety, and it leads to profound happiness. When we practice kindness, our actions alone will inspire others to do the same, and slowly but surely. We will be playing our part in bringing happiness, peace, and joy to the world.

smile spread kindness kindness spread spread kindness kindmess be kind

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  1. Kindness is a trait you possess that is why your are able to understand and to write how it feels to be kind and happy. I like the article, it reminds me how it feels to share what you have to others, and how it feels to see others being happy with what you impart to them.

    • Thanks Mario for such positive feedback, it’s really appreciated =) And you’re right, there’s a great sense of joy and fulfillment when our actions lead to the happiness of others. Experiencing this is getting in touch with our kindness within ❤

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