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Kind People are Happy People

My thoughts on happiness and how to live a meaningful and fulfilling life very is simple – we only have to maintain an honest and loving heart, with kind and sincere intentions. This is because real happiness comes from being a kind person. The people who follow these are happy people.

On the other hand, unhappy people generally have a heart of anger, jealousy, and selfishness, and it is because of such traits that they experience much anxiety and suffering, internally in their mind as well externally in their environments and from the people around.

happy people happy male happy group be happy

As human beings, we are all different, and our unique characteristics make us special, but we also have many similarities that connect us and brings us close to one another. Not only do we share the same green earth, but we all strive to be happy, to feel loved, and to live a comfortable life while wanting to avoid pain and suffering at all times.

Kind people enjoy a happy, loving and stable mind because kindness has the properties of patience, empathy, generosity and compassion, qualities that soften and relaxes the mind which leads to peace and joy internally. Externally, they also benefit from having positive relationships with family, friends, and colleagues which lead to much happiness and satisfaction. Because of such positive relationships, they experience pleasure at work, at home as well as in social gatherings.

On the contrary, unkind people have minds of hatred, self-centeredness, and ill thoughts, which lead to much fear and suffering. Internally, they know no peace and constantly worry, while externally they have unhealthy relationships with others and continuously experience stress and anxiety.

Spread Kindness for Happy People

The good news is that transforming from being an unkind person with an unhealthy mind, into a kind person with a happy mind is very straightforward. We must simply practice doing good deeds, speaking good words and thinking good thoughts, or namely, the Three Acts of Goodness. By doing good deeds we bring others joy, by speaking good words we encourage and inspire them, and by thinking good thoughts, we purify the world.

Of course, this practice is much easier said than done, but we must take it a step at a time. Start with the simple things and work our way up. Then, slowly but surely, we would have turned the practice into a habit, a lifestyle. At that point, we will be doing it all effortlessly, and the world around us will suddenly feel so much more homely and pleasant.

happy people happy male happy group be happy

The key to the practice is to continually observe the mind and question the intention of our conduct with honesty and sincerity. Are we really trying to help someone or are we actually after self-benefit? Do we really care about the person we are helping or are we just doing it out of obligation? This is important because the intention behind our actions influences the energy perceived by the people around. Not only that, ultimately, the point is to identify our selfishness, greed, hatred and slowly replace it with generosity, patience, and kindness, so that we can live free from mental impurities, and experience unending joy and happiness.

Acts of Goodness

To summarise, only good people experience real happiness, and good people practice the Three Acts of Goodness. They are:

1. Do Good Deeds

2. Speak Good Words

3. Think Good Thoughts

May we all cultivate the kind and gentle heart, be a happy and loving person and spread positivity to those around us. The world is our home, and its people are our friends. Let us all work together for peace and happiness on Earth.

happy people happy male happy group be happy

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Thanks for reading 😊

With love,

Byron ❤


  1. Byron you’ve written such a beautiful piece. You express yourself beautifully. And everything you say made sense.

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